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How Do Dentists Deal With Dental Emergencies in Craigieburn?

Dental Emergencies in Craigieburn

Today we are back with how to deal with dental emergencies in Craigieburn. Dental emergencies can happen at any time. Between the hours of 9am–5pm, Monday to Saturday, Dazzling Smiles has you covered with emergency dental care in Craigieburn. If you require emergency dental work and it’s currently within our opening hours, don’t delay. Stop reading this […]

What Age Should A Child First Go To The Dentist?

Dentist for children Craigieburn

At Dazzling Smiles Dental, we have experience treating patients of all ages, and we spend a lot of time teaching the kids of Craigieburn and wider community about good oral health. We understand that your child’s first dental visit can sometimes be a scary experience. On the first visit, our dentist for children in Craigieburn […]

What are Dental Implants?


In Craigieburn and Australia generally, Dental Implants are extremely popular dental treatments for missing teeth. This treatment is truly one of a kind, it is the only permanent missing tooth replacement and is considered to be both a restorative and cosmetic procedure. If you are looking into your missing tooth replacement options, here’s why you […]

Why Does Gum Disease cause Bad Breath?

bad-breath-dentist-in-craigieburn, Why does gum disease cause bad breath?

Bad breath, known medically as Halitosis, can result from various different conditions. A common misconception is that bad breath is always the result of poor dental hygiene. While poor hygiene can contribute to unpleasant odours, it’s not always the cause. In fact, halitosis and a bad taste in your mouth are some of the early warning […]

Poor Oral Hygiene: The signs, symptoms, and how to look after your oral health.

Poor Oral Hygiene, dentist in Craigieburn

Dazzling Smiles in Craigieburn is here to help you make sure you move from poor oral hygiene, with passionate and understanding dentists, you can take comfort in knowing we care. They say your smile is the first thing people notice, so making sure your smile is happy and healthy is incredibly important. Along with this, […]

Dental Emergency: what to do when you are in a tooth pain

Dental Emergency in Craigieburn, Dazzling Smiles dental

Are you in need of a dental emergency in Craigieburn? Don’t know where to search for the best emergency dentist in Craigieburn? Don’t worry Dazzling Smiles Dental is the hub of the best dentist in Craigieburn that offers emergency dental appointments. Whether it’s a dull, throbbing pain in your jaw or one side of your […]

Dentist in Craigieburn – For Perfect Dental Check-Ups and Smiles

Dentist in Craigieburn

At Dazzling Smiles Dental, our experienced dentists in Craigieburn have perfected the dental check up process to ensure the very best oral care experience for you and your family. Committing to regular dental check-ups, can ensure optimal oral health and hygiene and keep you smiling confidently for years to come. Why are routine dental check ups […]

7 Ways to Ensure Your Teeth Stay Healthy In 2022

Oral Hygiene Tips- Dazzling Smiles Dental Craigieburn

From the oral hygiene basics you should be practising daily to the dental appointments you should set throughout the year. Here are seven dental hygiene tips from professional dentists from Dazzling Smiles Dental Craigieburn to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile in 2022. 1. Brush your teeth twice a day minimum As far as healthy […]

Don’t scare Santa away: How to fight bad breath this Christmas!

bad breath treatment dazzling smiles dental craigieburn

This holiday season, whether you’re celebrating with friends or family, you want to be able to look and feel your best. When it comes to feeling confident, bad breath can be a great cause for embarrassment or shame. So, what are the best ways to fight bad breath and feel confident this Christmas? Drink Water […]

Quick Facts Regarding Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crown A dental crown refers to a ceramic or porcelain-based false tooth that replaces the original tooth that has been immensely damaged or decayed. In most cases, patients seeking a missing tooth fix can get a custom-made dental crown suited to their requirements. As such, the texture and colour can match the rest of […]