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Dental Emergency in Craigieburn, Dazzling Smiles dental

Dental Emergency: what to do when you are in a tooth pain

Are you in need of a dental emergency in Craigieburn? Don’t know where to search for the best emergency dentist in Craigieburn? Don’t worry Dazzling Smiles Dental is the hub of the best dentist in Craigieburn that offers emergency dental appointments.

Whether it’s a dull, throbbing pain in your jaw or one side of your mouth hurts when you bite down on something, toothaches are no fun. If you have a toothache that lasts more than 1-2 days and is causing you a lot of pain or discomfort, you’re having a dental emergency and need to book an emergency dental appointment. 

Even if the pain subsides on its own, that doesn’t mean the issue has resolved itself. Toothaches often come back (and sometimes with a vengeance!). If your tooth or jaw is hurting, there’s a good chance that your body’s telling you that something is wrong – don’t ignore it. 

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How to Handle a Dental Emregency Toothache at Home?

Read ahead to find out our top tips from dentists in Craigieburn on what to do if you are in tooth pain. 

Home remedies

If you can’t get an emergency dental appointment right away, try these simple home remedies to relieve some discomfort before your appointment.

Warm salty water– This tried and true method keeps the painful area around the tooth clean by killing bacteria and can have a soothing effect on the tooth pain. Take a glass of warm water (not hot) and mix in half a tablespoon of salt and mix. Then hold the mixture in the mouth and spit out, like a mouthwash. 

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication– OTC pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, can temporarily relieve you of pain.. Your dentist may also be able to recommend some pain relief until it’s time for the dentist’s appointment. 

Cold pack– This effective method entails placing an ice pack wrapped in a towel outside the jaw to the painful area. This is very effective for very inflamed teeth. 

Peppermint tea bags– This is a very quick and effective home remedy for toothaches It’s also a tasty alternative! Put a freshly used peppermint tea bag in the freezer for a few minutes. Then place the tea bag between their gum and cheek to soothe the area.

If you experience a  dental emergency make sure to call our emergency dental clinic in Craigieburn as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist in Dazzling Smiles Dental Craigieburn can diagnose and treat your pain. 

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