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Shock-horror! What to do if your tooth gets knocked out?

At worst, accidents and serious injury, such as a tooth or teeth dislodgement, strike fear and trepidation in the hearts, minds and mouths of sufferers and their loved ones.

At best, accidents and injuries can provide an indelible learning curve along life’s rockier roads. You’ll discover that your natural-response mechanism quickly kicks in. Our team of emergency dentists at Craigieburn urges the utmost importance of immediate action in the event of having a tooth knocked out.

So, what exactly should you do, if you encounter the unfortunate and highly stressful incident of having one or more of your teeth dislodged or completely knocked out?

Dental experts suggest that if the dislodged tooth is replaced correctly in its socket within five minutes of the untimely incident, the tooth can most likely be restored or saved.

Your 5-step guide to replacing dislodged teeth

Although the best choice is to get to your dentist as soon as possible, here are some important tips we recommend if your tooth has been knocked out:

1. Handle the tooth carefully:

Determine whether the dislodged tooth is a child or adult tooth. Baby teeth should not be re-implanted due to the potential developmental damage this can cause to the maturing gum line. You should never touch the tooth by the root. This is because the root contains fibres called periodontal ligaments that are essential for the natural course of healing and restoration. Always handle the tooth by the surface or chewing area.

2. Gently try to slip the tooth back into its socket:

You should then immediately replace the tooth in its socket, ensuring that it is facing the correct way. Don’t try to force the tooth into the socket, this will only irritate the area. If it doesn’t go back into place easily, try your best to keep the tooth moist while you make your way to the dentist.

3. Keep the tooth moist:

If the tooth has been soiled during the accident or injury, briefly rinse it under running water or soak the dislodged tooth in milk or a saline solution to keep it moist.Do not attempt to scrub or scrape the tooth, at any stage, as this can hinder its chances of complete recovery.

4. See your dentists as soon as possible: 

Your most important objective is obtaining prompt, emergency-dental treatment. Your dentist will need to secure the missing tooth quickly in order to provide the most naturally restorative healing process. Visit an emergency dentist preferably within 30 minutes of the injury. However, a tooth can be saved if it is out of your mouth for an hour.

Have no fear: restoration is near

Albeit distressing and unsightly, most adult teeth that have been knocked out can be successfully replaced, promptly and effectively if you receive the treatment on time, with a minimum of fuss and long-lasting results. Your dazzling smile will soon restore confidence, trust and reliability in living life to the full.

Before you know it, your untimely incident or accident will be a distant reminder to take care of your teeth and gum line by following proper precautionary measures. These include the use of dentist-approved mouthguards while playing contact sports and simply taking care to always protect the longevity of your teeth.

At Dazzling Smiles Dental, we understand that certain dental issues require emergency treatment. We can treat a variety of dental emergencies ensuring that your oral health is in tip-top shape.

If you would like to schedule an emergency appointment with our office, give a call to one of our friendly team members at 03-8339-4253 or book online.

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