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Why Does Gum Disease cause Bad Breath?

Bad breath, known medically as Halitosis, can result from various different conditions. A common misconception is that bad breath is always the result of poor dental hygiene. While poor hygiene can contribute to unpleasant odours, it’s not always the cause. In fact, halitosis and a bad taste in your mouth are some of the early warning signs of gum disease that should not be ignored. Here’s a brief look at why gum disease causes bad breath.

Does it actually cause bad breath?

Yes, gum disease (gingivitis) does indeed cause bad breath. It is often caused by an excessive and hardened build-up of plaque, and bacteria on the teeth and gums. Plaque build-up on teeth is natural and can be cleaned through brushing, flossing and professional cleaning (scale and clean) by a dentist. When it becomes excessive on the teeth and gum lines, however, this bacteria can be damaging and lead to issues like tooth decay, infection and gum disease.

Gum disease is when this bacteria causes infection of the gums. This bacteria below the gum line breaks down proteins and releases sulphur-producing compounds. It is the foul-smelling odours from these compounds that we recognise as ‘bad breath’ or a bad taste in the mouth.

What is perio-breath and what is it like?

Gingivitis refers only to mild gum disease. When it progresses to severe gum disease, it is called Periodontitis and this condition can be treated but not reversed. Periodontitis causes a distinct odour which is known in dentistry as Perio Breath.

Perio Breath is very uncomfortable for the patient. As a symptom of severe disease, it smells of deep infection, sulphur and rotting tissues. Left untreated, there is little a patient can do to improve the smell and taste.

Is bad breath always a sign of gum disease?

Having unpleasant breath for a period of time doesn’t always mean you have gum disease, however, it is worth remembering that gum disease is often accompanied by unpleasant breath.

A case study by the Journal of International Society of Preventive & Community Dentistry, found that a significant majority of halitosis cases relate to gingivitis, periodontitis or bacterial coating of the tongue. In the study, up to 80% of patients with varying degrees of gum disease exhibited halitosis.

Can gum disease or bad breath be cured?

The good news is that gum disease bad breath can be cured completely with treatment when the disease is in its early stages (Gingivitis). If bad breath is caused by Periodontitis, only professional treatment from a dentist can help the problem. This is why learning how to identify the signs of this condition is so important.

How to prevent gum disease and bad breath in the future

underlying cause, so speak with your dentist about the best course of action for you. Strengthening your oral care routine with tongue scrapers or mouthwash may be a good idea.

Luckily, preventative measures to reduce your risk of gum diseases and bad breath are easy and straightforward. Its as simple as maintaining a good, consistent oral care routine:

  • Brush your teeth, twice a day minimum
  • Floss daily
  • See your dentist for regular checkups and professional cleaning every six months
  • See your dentist ASAP if you notice symptoms of gum disease
  • Of course, the above tips will help prevent a number of dental conditions and are beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing.

Book A Consultation For Gum Disease Treatment in Craigieburn

Early gum disease (gingivitis) is treatable however if it progresses to advanced gum disease, it cannot be cured. So, if you’re regularly brushing your teeth but notice bad breath is a persistent issue for you, make sure to book an appointment with for gum disease treatment in Craigieburn. At Dazzling Smiles, our dentists in Craigieburn are here for you with friendly, patient-focused consultation and treatment for gum disease. Contact our team if you have any more questions or concerns about halitosis or gum disease generally.